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Domain Names

Select your domain name.

Your Domain Name is your key to establishing your presence on the Internet. It’s like owning an office on Main Street in the town where you do your business.

It is our opinion that your Domain Name is your Intellectual Property. As such it should be protected against fraudulent transfer of ownership to another person or entity.

There are many tools to help you select a name that best represents you and your business, and there are many places that will register your Domain Name and point it to a DNS server that will route web traffic, email, contacts, calendar events and files to your server.

The Internet is a Wild-Wild-West and is full of people trying to take advantage of you in any way possible. They will try to take your Domain Name hostage for ransom, or just keep it and not allow you to move the registration to a company that has your best interest at heart.

COIN Services gives you the options of bringing your Domain Name to us, or registering a new Domain Name.

At COIN Services if you have not paid us for your Domain Name renewal, we keep it registered for up to one year after the expiration date and send you several reminders. If there is no response to our reminders, the registration will drop back to the public domain and you will lose your Domain Name at that time. After we have released your Domain Name, we no longer have any control over another person or entity grabbing it up and charging whatever they choose to charge to sell it back to you or another person.

CONTACT US and let us help you secure your the Intellectual Property of your Domain Name. Remember it’s a Wild Wild West out there!






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