Wide Area Network for Mattress Discounters

In 2001 Mattress Discounters (Currently owned by Mattress Firm) operated over 350 stores across the US making them the Nations Largest Mattress Retailer. Up until this time they had no point of sale system. They wanted to use dial-up modems to attach a terminal in each store. I knew that this was a dying technology and urged them to use IP (Internet Protocol) instead.

I ended up designing and implementing a network over Frame Relay for them which used the new IP technology knowing that this would service them well into the future.

In 2008 I revamped this network to utilize a VPN over newly available internet circuits over DSL, Cable and T1 circuits depending upon market availability. I also move all their phone services to VOIP. This reduced their operating costs by over $30,000 per year.

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